The last place I looked

I’ve been missing a couple CDs for a few days. It’s not like I really searched that hard for them, just poked around my desk and at various pileas around the apartment. Certainly different from my copy of World Clique that’s been missing for two years (time to cave and buy it again). These ones I was just sure were around by couldn’t be bothered the few minutes of time to find. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I looked under my car seat and immediately saw my still shiny Guero case. Yay, one down! And a very important one, as I just haven’t had the chance to listen to it enough. Next I opened the garage door and went into Lisa’s minivan. EJECT – wow, here comes Paper Tigers. Two for two!

Not much of a point to this entry other than to highlight my own laziness/procrastinability… or to show that sometimes things are actually in the first place you look… maybe the second place in this case… which was still the last place I looked…