New Roomies

!@(newroomies.jpg popimg: “Shadow sleeps safely next to Jessie”) Over the weekend Jessie and Shadow finally began sharing a home. For the past week we had been taking them out and letting them mingle on our bed. So when I had to clean out their cages on Sunday, we took the opportunity to let the two of them run around the kitchen together. By the time I was finished, they seemed quite comfortable with each other, and Lisa suggested that we put them back in Jessie’s cage at the same time.

Lo and behold, Jessie chilled out with the molesting, and they were able to settle down with minimal bucking for prime real estate. Even when we ran out for further errands, they maintained a friendly (albeit slightly guarded) disposition. Jessie will still assert himself from time to time, but its not nearly as aggressive as before. The will eat side by side, and Shadow has slowly started to sleep closer and closer to Jess.

I know that more problems may lie ahead, but for now we’ve got them back down to one cage, and they are both eating and drinking regularly. I hope to eventually see them flop on each other, but that will come in due time. For now, the piggies can keep each other company, and Lisa and I can marvel at their cuteness whenever they simply yawn or flop down.

One thought on “New Roomies”

  1. Good to see the new critter is fitting in well.
    Eva’s sister brought her piggy out the last time I was over there, and the thing is adorable. Listening to him make that little chirping/squeaking noise makes me want to get one of my own (once I have a place large enough to support the animal kingdom that Eva and I own…)

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