Beaten to the punch

Just because I don’t want to be the last person to join in, I’m finally playing around with my flickr account. I signed up during its early stages to view other people’s photos, but never actually uploaded any of my own. Now that I’m playing around with it, I understand the buzz and figure it might be worth it to more quickly share photos with friends. Ah, the joys of Interwebbing!

Still in the final throes of my Internet identity crisis (and we all know the last throes can last up to 12 years) I haven’t been able to decide what my web address over there should be. Since I’m trying to stop using indieb0i, that would seem silly. But thomslattery comes off as too long (and specific). Suddenly it dawned on me: THOM! By gum, I could just use my first name. Then I could also start switching my Linux accounts over to using thom rather than indieb0i and make my whole digital life simpler! The possibilities are endless!!

Oh wait, slight problem – some doppleganger has already claimed that address. So I started to investigate – he lives in the NYC area, in his 20s and taken. He’s into Neil Gaiman and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and lists New Order among his favorite bands.

Wait, is this a doppleganger, or actually me?!?! Well, he also lists Tom Cruise as one of his favorite actors, so at worst (or best) maybe just an evil twin. So I jump over to this newer Thom’s site and he has the gall to be dissing my home state… okay, in reality he’s just dissing Rick Santorum (who we all know is a nutcase anyway) but still, I’m trying to make him evil. Work with me. I guess in reality the worst I can say is that he’s obviously a much better photographer! And that makes me feel bad about myself – how much more evil can you get?

At least Google ranks me as the 31st most important Thom, while he’s not even in the top 100. Of course that doesn’t help me figure out what my flickr web space should be called… So, what do you guys think: thomslattery, indieb0i, or something completely different?

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