Yes, like a total loser, I’m playing around with all of the features everybody else has been praising for months. Just call me a tool.

The other night I uploaded some pictures from the Ben Carroll/Amy Correia show the night I proposed to Lisa. Since I promised Ben I’d get these to him, I figured this would be a good test.


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Sunday morning I went to a camera show with an enthusiastic plan to purchase cheap, used lenses, some filters, and maybe even a new bag. Boy was that a disappointment. It turned out to be a small, dingy flea market for semi-collectors and yard sale types. I wandered around for a while, but the only Canon lenses I saw weren’t even the right mounts. It’s not like I was looking for highly advanced digital products here – the EF mount is almost 20 years old, you’d think one or two might be lying around.

Worst of all was the limited selections of porn not-so-subtley situated on tables. There’s something about collecting – especially when it comes to old and rare equipment – that appeals primarily to males, and particularly those with limited social lives. Collectors can always put porn to good use during the rare occasion their not pawing over their goods. It’s somewhat sad, and always adds a certain amount of awkwardness when I work my way through the aisles of a computer or sci-fi show.

Undaunted, I picked up a couple old Argus cameras and a genuine Brownie unit for my gal who has a far less obsessive collecting side than us nerd. At some point I’ll post pics of her current selection.

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