Flash geography goodness

Sheppard Software has some cool flash games to help kids learn geography. They even do multiple levels of difficulty to test your ability with capitols, shape recognition, and placement. Level 5 for the US kept me busy this morning:

Trial Score %Correct Avg. Error Time
1 42/50 84% 28 miles 409 sec.
2 46/50 92% 15 miles 311 sec.
3 46/50 92% 8 miles 286 sec.
4 48/50 96% 3 miles 298 sec.

On this level the states disappear if you get them correct, but stay if you were wrong. Unfortunately that means that the difficulty can really depend on the order you get the states. In other words, there’s no way I can place Colorado on a completely blank map, but by getting it wrong early, I can use the image to place a lot of the other states around it. I won’t even get into how poorly I did on the European map even on the easy level (hey, do you know where Andorra and Monaco are?). Apparantly the really high levels make you rotate and resize the states/countries, too – that ought to cause some serious mental anguish.

(thanks to MeFi)