No, it isn’t hot enough for me

You wanna know a great way to make a near 100 degree summer night even better? Turn the oven to 450 degrees and then forget about it for an hour or so. I could have sworn I killed the gas midway thru cooking some taters. Well after having eaten dinner, I noticed the kitchen was still pretty hot, but figured it was just taking awhile to cool off. Finally Lisa and I noticed that the knob was still pointed at 450. Brilliant! A couple hours later, and the kitchen is finally approaching the torrid temperatures of outside.

All of the reports of overloaded grids have left me somewhat concerned. Since the back A/C isn’t running that well, Lisa and I have brought the piggies into our bedroom for the night. I’m actually trying to conserve energy a tad more so, in addition to my desktop system (which has been powered off more frequently these days), that A/C can be shut off completely. We’ll leave the little goobers in our bedroom for the next day or so with the more efficient unit keeping them cool. Otherwise they just sit on the wet lettuce I feed them, rather than eating eat.

Fortunately, parakeet are more accustomed to high temperatures, so Birdie should be quite comfy in the jungle-like atmosphere in the front room. Of course that means he gets far less company these days.

2 thoughts on “No, it isn’t hot enough for me”

  1. I get much more annoyed when someone decides they need to cook something that requires them to leave the oven or stove on for several hours.
    No, you don’t need to take the largest pot we have in the house and make red sauce with it on the hottest day of the year.

  2. Remind me to grill you on proper guinnea pig care sometime – Eva’s sister seems to be “winging it,” and the poor thing is in a cage that’s meant for something the size of, say, a hamster. I really fear for his well-being if she doesn’t start caring for it properly.

    Worst case scenario – would you consider adopting a third critter? 🙂

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