They didn’t not withhold disapproval

Can I get a shout out for the crazy guys over at the FDA?!?! Them slick mofos finally got their shiznit together and approved Unigene’s first drug in the US (for those of you not following, I work for Unigene). I won’t go into how long of a process this has been or the frustration of this last leg of waiting because… well, because, quite frankly, I’ve got no clue what I can and can’t say – a quick HOLLA to all those nasty NDAs in the hizzouse!

!@(fdabubbley.jpg popimg: “The Levys pop out the bubbley for our celebration”) Much celebration was enjoyed on Friday, with the champagne flowing effortlessly (out of the bottles and down our throats). It’s quite a feeling to have been apart of this, even if I’m just the IT guy an have only been apart of it for 2 years. Hey, at least I can mooch off someone’s accomplishments around here.

Here’s hoping for insane earnings on the stock over the next few days – I’ve got a wedding to (partially) pay for next year! At leat cover the honeymoon, alright?

I’d also like to take this moment to recommend enjoying the (semi)new look of Unigene’s website. It’s a definite improvement over the filler I had up there for the last year or so, and we won’t even get into the previous look. Amazing what happens when you have real designers do the work instead of a very tired sys admin! With the approval, even more will be going on the site in the coming months. Suddenly it’s very good to be where I am.

P.S.(The reason for the goofy title is the actual fax from the FDA uses wording to the effect of “We have chosen not to withhold approval.” Gee, thanks for th overwhelming confidence there.)

5 thoughts on “They didn’t not withhold disapproval”

  1. A hearty Whoo Hoo! Here’s to a 10x increase in stock price so far, and more to come. Yeah!

    I like the newer web site too. Though the red stripe down the center of the first page doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Though the red stripe down the center of the first page doesn’t do it for me.


  3. @Cindy – That’s the least I can call them after this last strectch!

    @Mark – Thanks, now we might want to talk about that job opportunity I mentioned before.

    @Sandy – You know, I was perfectly fine with that red stripe until you mentioned it!

    @Mark – You again?!

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