Gosh dern special editions

So Sin City hit shelves today. As you may recall, the movie floored me in theaters, which makes this purchase a no brainer, right? *ERNT* WRONG! (What the heck is ernt? I was trying to make a buzzer sound that was a tad more alarmish, but that just looks stupid)

Wait, where was I? Oh that’s right, I was thinking of ranting about the way studios try to screw us with all of these double releases and “bonus” materials and random third discs that pop up. You see, I know something more is in the works for Sin City. I don’t think there’s been anything official, but Rodriguez and Miller talked about all of the extra footage they have and how much they want to do something with it that you know this single-disc version just ain’t gonna cut it. And the powers that be sit on these announcements regularly, because they know schmucks like me will end up plunking down the money for the way cool version of Hellboy or at least the director’s cut even though I already own the initial special edition release. Why didn’t I just wait for he better versions? Because they didn’t announce them until after he first one hit shelves and my wallet – and I was foolish enough to believe that “TWO DISC SPECIAL EDITION” meant something.

And now they’re getting me with CDs, too. Today I excitedly noticed a new Killers album at Best Buy. But upon closer inspection it turned out to be a re-release “Limited Edition” version with 3 new tracks. But I’m still wearing out my fist copy, why should I be buying another?!?! It’s not like Ben Folds Five’s recent remaster of Whatever and Ever Amen – that’s seven years after the fact and finally got me a good copy of the Japanese version of “Song for the Dumped”! The re-release was downright essential.

But this crappy attitude by the studios left me with a barren edition of The Princess Bride after nearly 3 years of delays only to miss out on the 2-disc edition shipped a few months later. I knew there would be a big special boxset of The Matrix Trilogy (which I still haven’t purchased), so I didn’t bother with the sequels as they came out – but we shouldn’t have to guess at these things.

Please, just tell me beforehand when you’ll be releasing even better super-duper extra-special flavor editions, because I’m just too darn stupid to figure it out myself and my bank account (and shelving space) hates me for it.

P.S.(I didn’t even get into how much it pisses me off when studios release box sets AFTER I buy the individual DVDs!)

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  1. And here I was thinking those links would go to Farscape 🙂

    I read somewhere that the Sin City DVD was extra-light on the extras and material, but even if it wasn’t, you;re right – there’s sure to be another release in a month or two. I enjoyed Hellboy, but didn’t need the special edition that badly, so I’ll settle for my special edition (which isn’t all that special when you consider it was the first and plainest DVD release.) Sin City, though, I can wait for.

  2. Check the last link again! Sin City bugs me because I really want to see it again. I WANT MY DVDS NOW!

    I buy so many movies I don’t get around to watching, it pisses me off when I can’t get the ones I want to watch right away.

    Oh yeah, I’m also confused by the 6th season of The Simpsons. After 5 boxsets that were done in the same style, they suddenly broke away and did something completely different and called it a “Special Edition”. STOP THE INSANITY!

  3. Ah, there’s the Farscape.

    I know what you mean – I have a stack of films I’ve been wanting to just put in and watch, and I rarely have 2 straight hours to devote to watching something. All i know is, this finally shipped, and I’m working support this weekend so I’ll probably be around… there may be shenanigans at my place in a few days 🙂

  4. A friend of mine works at a distributor said there will definitely be a dual-disc edition of Sin City, with one of the major add-ons being a “Making Of”.

  5. @Mark – Excellent! Now if only the company would tell us consumers directly…

    @Kurt – Cool! (I needed to use a different exclamation) I’m glad they’re doing that as I will now buy the set at Best Buy for $30 and demand a new, old box. The actual site for the exchange is pretty funny.

  6. Thanks for the tip on Sin City. I almost bought it this morning. I suppose I’ll just add it to the list.

    I still haven’t bought the Matrix or LotR. I think I’ll just wait until the producers are dead. Just safer that way.

    Another film to add to the list of films that have 800 editions is The 5th Element. I think that one is up to “Super duper special extended director’s ultimate wunderbar edition”.

  7. Another film to add to the list of films that have 800 editions is The 5th Element. I think that one is up to “Super duper special extended director’s ultimate wunderbar edition”.

    I’m waiting for the special flying-taxi-shaped tin that comes with Milla Jovovich. 🙂

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