Updates galore

Sorry to keep you all waiting. I’m sure everybody has just been glued to their monitors, refreshing neverhood.net waiting for an update. Unfortunately, the weekend was busy and tiring and filled with updating my own family members (sorry, but my Mom comes before you).

So yes, put your fears to rest, Lisa is fine. I took her to the hospital on Friday night, and X-rays and some goofy tickle tests confirm that nothing was broken or seriously damaged. She’s been somewhat sore and rather miffed at the whole ordeal, but I consider us lucky that that’s about it. As her body recovers, I have been recruited as her personal massage therapist and am doing my best to cure what ails her.

As for the minivan… it’s seen better days. Not recent ones, mind you, as both Lisa and I have scraped up both sides of the rear recently. But the front hood is totally crumbled and will need to be replaced along with the grill. The “H” from the front is currently sitting on our kitchen table, as I am still looking for an appropriate chain to hang it around my neck – I have to represent, afterall.

But you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down, so we still headed out Saturday morning to a picnic for her new job (although she hasn’t started yet). Definitely seems to be a good crowd she’s joining, so I’m excited about that. Afterward she headed out wth her parents and found a wedding dress – YAY! That’s one more item to check off the planning list. Me? I headed over to Sandy’s for another fun filled Slow Foods Social. Great times were had with all, especially catching up with Ruby, making grandiose plans with Linda, and swapping cooking ideas with soon-to-be-linked Martha. And of course, hanging out with the absolutely fabulous host and good friend Sandy, who will kill me if I don’t put up the pictures from the party soon (especially once I mention how many great shots of her daughter Caitie I got).

Now I’m just winding down after a hectic workday that started out with a paring ticket and dodging lots of construction… I think I need a break.

One thought on “Updates galore”

  1. I think I need a break.
    You and me both. Eagles game friday? TV? 🙂

    I think once things calm down for 2 minutes here I’ll be putting in some “not going anywhere but need to take them anyway”vacation days.

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