When it rains, it craps

Lisa called me at work today. She was incredibly excited about how everything went at her new job (she’s doing the orientation thing and finding out what classes she’ll be teaching, etc.) and the great bargains she found during her subsequent shopping expedition. What a day! I told her to call our friend Joel and we’d head over to Hoboken for a fun night out. Yeehaa!

A few minutes later I notice a voice mail. While trying to check it, Lisa calls through.

“I guess you didn’t get my message,” she says.

“No,” I say, not bothering to mention that I was in the process of checking.

“I’m okay, but I was just in an accident.” Crap. She went on to detail how traffic had gotten heavy on the Parkway, and the guy behind her failed to notice that all the other cars had stopped but his. CRASH! He rear-ended her minivan and shoved it into the car ahead, which was then shoved into the car even further ahead. Everybody’s fine, but of course Lisa’s vehicle was the only one damaged. The car ahead of her has one of those goofy spare tires on the back, which managed to cave in her hood – I’ll provide pictures later.

On the bright side, you’d barely even notice all the scratches I added the other day!

Right now I’m waiting for Lisa to get off the phone with GEICO (man can that lizard talk your ear off) so we can head over to the hospital and have her checked out. She seems fine, but we’re both worried about her neck – with some chronic shoulder problems, whiplash is the last thing she wants out of this ordeal. More news later…

2 thoughts on “When it rains, it craps”

  1. Jesus man, I hope she’s fine – you don’t want to find out weeks later that something’s hurting her neck or whatever. Eva still has some kinks from an accident she was in years ago. Let me know what the doctor says.

    Geico has been pretty good to me for the short time I’ve had them, hopefully they get this cleared up for you quickly.

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