Back to civilization

Alright, South Jersey ain’t exactly uncivilized. But when your life is so completely wired – an slight deviation causes some serious withdrawal. On our very first night away from home, Chris Rock says, “George Bush hates midgets” on live freakin’ TV; and I can’t check out the blogosphere’s reaction, much less post about it myself. Talk about frustrating. I can’t even remember what actress we wanted to look up while watching Taxi (we were just killing time before heading out for dinner, honest!)

Inspite of my refusal to plan things properly, Lisa and I had a lovely time. The gambling sucked in A.C., but when doesn’t it? Next time I’ll try some tables, but the poker machines just ate our money non-stop this time around. Nevertheless, our first time dining at P.F. Chang’s was fantastic – later gastrointestinal activities notwithstanding. Next year I’m sure we’ll spend another weekend down there, and stick with the Tropicana. Along with the Chang’s, they also have a Cuba Libre, The Sound of Philadelphia, Carmine’s, Red Square, and more. Plenty of possibilities for entertainment in the same building.

Saturday found us searching for Cape May. We stumbled upon the great (and free) Cape May County Zoo, and had a blast until I realized that I forgot the spare battery for my camera. What and idiot! I still got a lot of great shots, and saw capybaras – which rock because they are essentially extra-large guinea pigs.

Attempts to find lodging in either the Cape May or Wildwood areas were futile, and eventually we fled all the way to Millville. But that worked out better, as Sunday we opted to explore the way cool (and nearby) Wheaton Village rather then head down to the beaches. Glassblowing and pottery were far more up our alleys – I even purchased the vase (to be shipped) made during the demonstration we attended. I’ll write more about that experience when it arrives (the vase, not the experience).

The great seafood place we found on Long Beach Island (if you ever find yourself at Terrace Tavern, try the blackened seas scallops) for dinner definitely helped cap off the trip, but it is good to be home. Especially when our little goobers (Jessie, Shadow, and even Boo Boo) are waiting, along with boxes containing cool things I bought. I’ll be sure to model my new shirts sometime soon!

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