Last night was a big UGH!

Mark dropped by last night to enjoy with me the frustration that is being an Eagles fan. I’m just happy football season is finally here; those 7 months between the Super Bowl and the opener are just agonizing, even with all of the action that goes on. And while the loss sucks, it wasn’t that bad and we’re only just getting started. If you want to read my take on the game, check out my post over at Philly Sports Net. This should be a regular thing, but I’ll remind you guys anyway.

Also, for games not televised nationally I plan on watching at Dipper’s in Hoboken, along with The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken as organized by Sean (Furey). I had a blast the couple times last year I met up with that crowd at McMahon’s, and this year I don’t want to miss any games (following football via the Eagles Message Board is really lame and irritating). There’s also an Eagles club at The Yard as well as a big crowd at Willie McBride’s, so I might mix it up and check out other places, too.

I just want to add that as painful as it was losing the Super Bowl, it was also very relieving just being there. I feel like I can go back to enjoying the games more this year – like I’m not just waiting to see what happens in the end. And these things are supposed to be distractions, afterall; they shouldn’t cause us all of this stress.