Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Okay, not literally. It’s not like anyone died or anything (knock on wood). And considering the nonstop disasters encircling the globe these days, my crappy three-day weekend really doesn’t rate. Nevertheless, I feel like I’ll be stuck in one wicked funk for a couple weeks as a deal with a whole lotta crap at work and at home. And this weekend was a terrible kickoff.

Saturday I tried to do some work, but a power failure the night before left me with a lot of stuff to take care of before I could even start my weekend tasks. After picking up Lisa from her new job and grabbing some Chick-fil-A to cheer myself, we got stranded all over New Jersey thanks to the storm. Of course that was the second time that day I got stuck in the wrong parts of this crummy state thanks to the rain. So the weekend started with a thud.

Sunday started with some limited work before heading out to a realtor in the first step towards figuring out when Lisa and I can start looking for a house. Most of that went well, but watching the Eagles be absolutely humiliated by the Cowboys chipped away at what little happiness I had managed. I even bailed early on the game deciding doing work would be better. Sadly, it was.

But coming home led to the discovery that not one, but two of my hard drives are failing in my server. That’s 450GB of storage (oh yeah, and data) that’s about to go down the tubes. Yee haw! And to top it off, this morning I found out that they are out of warranty. More credit card debt is on the way!

You’d think I could at least relax on my Monday off, but instead I’ve been trying to do work that should have been finished weeks ago for tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning I’ll be heading into work about 3 hours earlier than usual. And since I’ve been so restless today, I’ll probably be up late working on these documents. Joy to the world – this month can’t end fast enough.

4 thoughts on “Worst. Weekend. Ever.”

  1. At least drives are still getting less expensive. I just picked up a pair of 320GB drives from Newegg for $140/each.

  2. I feel almost guilty about having a decent time this past (long) weekend. Then again work is looking to get… interesting. But the faster things to fucko bazoo around here, the sooner I can start demanding an answer from management, so I should be getting back to you not too long from now.

  3. @Kurt – Yup, the prices certainly take the sting out of it. I’ve already got a 300GB from TigerDirect on it’s way. Only $90 after rebates. I’m hoping they run another rebate next month as they often do.

    @Mark – You deserve to have a good weekend here and there :). And yes, we definitely need to talk about the work situation ASAP.

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