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Little Froggie

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This story is actually a week old. It kind of makes me ashamed of my blogging that it takes me a week to tell the tale of the little froggie.

Late one night last week, Lisa and I did some shopping. During that trip we purchased some escarole for the piggies – they love it, and it tends to be cheaper than romaine and some other greens. The next morning, I head off to work without a thought of this rather mundane activity in my head. Around 11 AM or so, Lisa calls me. She found a frog in the head of lettuce.

That’s right, she found the tree frog pictured above inside the escarole. This little guy had traveled from some farm to A&P (or was it Shop Rite?) and then sat in our refrigerator overnight before finally being liberated just before his piggie fate had been sealed! And, even more bizarre, he poked his head up and showed signs of life almost immediately.

That was definitely one of the most bizarre phone calls at work. As usual, Lisa gre attached to her new founf friend very quickly and called me later to tell me more about our “new pet.” But a trip to the pet store started adding up quickly, and she soon decided to donate him instead. Luckily I was able to visit him on my way home – yes, he was very cute.

But because I accidentally took the 1GB flash card with me, Lisa was only able to take a couple pictures. Which will lead into my next post nicely…

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