Noises off

This was supposed to be my day to sleep in. Lisa picked up her minivan from the shop on Thursday, which meant she could drive herself to work for the first time today. Unlike the last three weekends, I didn’t have to get up by 8 AM, drive her to the school, and then head over to do some work of my own. So what happens? The doorbell rings at 7 AM – hardwood flooring installers for the landlords. Do you have any clue just how loud that kind of work is? When it’s being done on the floor above you?

Don’t get me wrong, my landlords are very considerate. I think we were very lucky to find this place. And when it comes down to it, I know they had a fairly cold winter last year, so all of the renovations they’ve been doing this past week are very necessary. Still, my luck just stinks these days. I’m hoping tomorrow I get to sleep much more, but with the way this last week went, I need all that I can get.

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