Aw crap

Yeah, I really needed to find out that this was already on shelves. For the love of all that is holy, I just got started with SSX On Tour (don’t worry Mark, details shall follow), but I simply MUST buy any Civ games that are released. Seriously, it’s like a law or something.

One thought on “Aw crap”

  1. Yea, I’m thinking once I can start taking vacation days again, I may sign up for Gamefly and keep the rentals a-coming. There are too many games I want to try, and the demo discs never have them all. That and, sometimes a game I really love the first day, blows hard on the third (See Terminator3: Redemption.)

    John picked up Soulcalibur3, I haven’t played a whole hell of a lot of the single player just yet but it looks like more of the same, more side missions, more game modes, all that. The amount of crap you can but for character costume editing/creation, may be enough to keep me busy for months.

    Is there a Tekken 6 in the pipeline? It’s about time for the rumors to start making the rounds, and I’d assume it would be done in time for the PS3 launch. Then again, I don’t plan on dropping $400 on a game system anytime soon, so, maybe it’s all a moot point 🙂

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