Happy days are here again.

Michael Heilmann noted this little gem on Wikipedia.

It has been recently reported that the loophole in German tax law has been revised. Starting January 2006, contributors to failed films will no longer be able to profit from failed films through a tax writeoff at the end of the year. This may well result in an end to Boll’s film career, as it would make it impossible for him to capitalize on films that fail at the box office, resulting in a loss of investors.

Could this be the end of Uwe Boll? Mark, dare we dream?

One thought on “Happy days are here again.”

  1. I’ve always been amazed by the finances involved in these projects. How is he still able to make crap, time and time again? How did they get approved for a film after releasing Daredevil? Exactly who’s calling the shots over there?

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