Fruit of my desire

Coming Apart

Originally uploaded by Dr Momentum.

One of the greatest tastes of the Fruit World is the Pomegranate. Of this, there can be no denial. But the 45 minute it usually takes me to unveil said fruit’s lushish seeds can be rather frustrating – even if it is clearly worth the wait (oh yes, it is!) But now, thanks to James (of Aces Full of Links), this process is a mere 10 minutes of foreplay before devouring can commence. Behold: The Illustrated Guide to Opening Pomegranates!

Thank you, James, for your wonderful work in the field of Pomegrantology and the messy dissections you have suffered through for its progress. If only there was a service that could instantly deliver this grand delicacy directly to your door, I would be sending you one in thanks at this very moment.

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