Just got paid…

…friday night. Whoops, it’s actually Saturday morning. But I did get paid yesterday – so the song still holds true. Normally such a regular event would not be worthy of celebration, but this paycheck was different – it contained my raise. You see, I’ve been with Unigene for two and a half years, and have been putting off my first review for a year and a half. That’s right, I’ve been putting it off.

It’s a little weird, but there’s a tendency for my fellow co-workers to avoid their reviews for extended periods. You’d think that we would want to get more money, but apparantly not. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because I’ve learned of a very important and powerful term: backpay! Wow, those additional checks sure do help right now – especially with our closing coming up in just two weeks. For the first time, I’ve got REAL money in my bank account. And then just like that, I’ll have NO money in my bank account. That part sucks, but I just have to keep reminding myself about that house (just flip back a couple posts) and all will be right.

On top of my own successes, my department is about to double in size. Yesterday, one of the applicants accepted our offer for an Assistant IS Administrator position. With Unigene expanding, and the tech demands increasing, I’ve needed someone to take over the other facility for awhile. While having the help with be great, it also means that I have to supervise someone for the first time. That’s a rather intriguing development – but it’s about time I moved ahead professionally. And with everything else going on this year (house, wedding, etc.) I guess it all just makes sense to dive into adulthood with reckless abandon all at once.