I’m not listening

It has begun – and I swear it won’t sucker me in this time. You should all know by now of what I speak. Lisa insisted on watching the first show, but fortunately the need to begin packing the bulk of my CD collection kept me out of sight and sound. I just can’t stand these stupid reality show anymore – especially because I know just how wrapped up we all get, no matter how much we think we are above it.

I just can’t deal with another season of arguing over mediocre singers and stoic performers for those couple of gems that actually do shine. And the few snippets I managed to catch clearly indicated that the same sterile voices will be pushed forward, while many with far greater potential are left by the wayside. No matter the number of talented singers the show can find for me (not that many so far), how can it be worth the agony of watching through so many banal renditions of corny pop songs. Not to mention, I refuse to have a repeat of the infamous Rockstar: INXS debate.

So this time around I simply must say no – and really mean it.

4 thoughts on “I’m not listening”

  1. I’m going to attempt to not watch as well… but if there’s another interesting, non-castrated boy band type with a good voice and good performance skills, I know I’ll cave.

    The first few weeks are easy to ignore anyway. It’s all freaks.

  2. I recommend more reality instead of reality shows. Or maybe you two should sing some songs together – I promise you that will be exciting and very personal …

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