Dry Drunk Emperor

I mentioned TV on the Radio before, but haven’t pushed them enough on people. After the rather mind-blowing performance they put on in support of Franz Ferdinand, the album I got seemed a little disappointing at first. But Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes is definitely a record that requires repeat listening. And time after time I find myself popping it back into the CD player over whatever new purchase I’ve made. I just don’t think there’s anybody out there right now doing such amazing and original music as TVOTR.

One of their recorded tracks that did grab me immediately was a freebie off their label’s website entitled “Dry Drunk Emperor.” It’s mesmerizing, haunting, captivating, all while being somewhat morose. Not too surprisingly I found out that it was inspired by the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina. With the opening lines speaking of death in the sun and broken promises of salvation, one can’t help but feel the anguish all over again. But it wasn’t until tonight that I really tried to dig into the lyrics, and suddenly found myself overwhelmed with emotions. When I heard the call for a march on Washington, I realized that these musical poets are filled with both strong words and convictions – ones that resonant inside of myself, too.

The song is a available as a free download on Touch and Go’s website (here is the easier direct download link). Please download it, and read along:

baby boy
dieing under hot desert sun,
watch your colours run.

did you believe the lie they told you,
that christ would lead the way
and in a matter of days
hand us victory?

did you buy the bull they sold you,
that the bullets and the bombs
and all the strong arms
would bring home security?

all eyes upon
dry drunk emperor
gold cross cross jock skull and bones
mocking smile,
he’s been
standing naked for a while!
get him gone, get him gone, get him gone!!
and bring all the thieves to trial.

end their promise
end their dream
watch it turn to steam
rising to the nose of some cross legged god
gog of magog
end times sort of thing.
oh unmentionable disgrace
shield the childrens faces
as all the monied apes
display unimaginably poor taste
in a scramble for mastery.

atta’ boy get em with your gun
till mr. mega ton
tells us when we’ve won
what we’re gonna leave undone.

all eyes upon
dry drunk emperor
gold cross jock skull and bones
mocking smile,
he’s been
naked for a while.
get him gone, get him gone, get him gone!!!
and bring all his thieves to trial.

what if all the fathers and the sons
went marching with their guns
drawn on washington.
that would seal the deal,
show if it was real,
this supposed freedom.

what if all the bleeding hearts
took it on themselves
to make a brand new start.
organs pumpin on their sleeves,
paint murals on the white house
feed the leaders L.S.D
grab your fife and drum,
grab yor gold baton
and let’s meet on the lawn,
shut down this hypocrisy.

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  1. Okay, I downloaded it and will give it a few listens, and probably a spin or two on my show.

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