Currently blowing me away

Musically speaking:

The Black Keys10 A.M. Automatic – Quite possibly the greatest blues/rock song since Led Zeppelin II hit the shelves. I just can’t get enough of the riffs or that soulful chorus. Get it from Fat Possum Records, and then rush out and buy all of their albums!

Feist – Mushaboom – Wow, what a great voice and beautiful delivery. This song is so catchy it’s been on my mind since I first heard it on Conan O’Brien a couple months ago. The album stretches across multiple genres, but this track really grabs ahold of a post-modern folk-dance vibe. Several samples are available on the site (although I really wanted to go see her in NYC tonight – sold out).

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (shoreline) – Exactly what you would expect from an such an organic mixture of personnel (including the above mentioned Feist). This is the kind of song that should just keep playing on and on as it seems to completely capture the feeling of creating something special. It’s on the noisey side – just the way I like it.

Cat Power – The Greatest – After hearing nothing from Chan Marshall for a few years, she’s stormed back with this jazzy, folky album that seems to downplay all of her strengths and blows me away with what I would have thought to be weaknesses. The fragility of her voice and playing style are ignored and, instead, she steps up to the mic and leads an all-star Southern cast of musicians on a tour of songs far more accessible than usual. Yes, it’s different than her usual albums, but sometimes growing does that to your music.

Not-so-musically speaking:

In Photos (Donncha O Caoimh)Texting Texting Texting – I wish I had the eye to create such a perfect street shot of modern life.

SerioComic (M.J. Hudson)The Framer – Ah, to capture the human essence in a frame! That is what I aspire to.

Helveticaneue (Laura Kicey) – I am enamoured with her imagery. Both artistic and realistic, she captures truly stunning photos.

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  1. @Donncha – No problem, just keep up the great work!

    @mizerychik – I’m up for Boken, as long as the town isn’t a complete mess. These are the kinds of nights that people don’t bother using their tickets and sold out shows are easier to get into.

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