That funny bump on my wrist

I’ve had a bump on my wrist for sometime. I believe it is the result of a curse some god has placed on me for once mocking carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries as if they were made up by lazy CAD people. I get it. I’m a convert. I, too, accept that growth in my wrist as my lord and savior.

Not really, but it does mean I have an excuse not to do push-ups anymore – and isn’t just what everybody’s looking for these days? I still haven’t named my ganglion, so any suggestions are welcomed – then you, too, can accept him (or her) into your heart!

The only reason I’m even bringing this up now, is because I was absolutely amazed to read someone else (namely Matt at defective yeti) talk about this “condition” (doesn’t that make it sound much worse – well, if I hadn’t used the quotes) in the exact same manner I always do! Right down to the cure:

And if it doesn’t go away, I can always exorcise it using The Word of God. I don’t mean faith healing or anything — I mean that, in Ye Olde Olden Dayes of Yore, the typical cure for a ganglion was to hit it with a Bible.

Lisa (among others) can testify to the fact that numerous times I’ve called for the family Bible in order to rid myself of this push-up debilitating disease. But we’re both too chicken to actually try it – and I just don’t drink like I used to.

P.S. I was very excited to use the words “cyst” and “ganglion” as tags for this entry, but “woose” just doesn’t look right when spelled out.