We were going to be decent people, but…

You’re vacationing in Hawaii and find a lost camera. Do you:

    a. keep it, and thank the universe for the luck.
    b. report it to the authorities, and help the original owner find their lost possession.
    c. both.

That’s right, just in case you had started to gain faith in humanity, some jerkoffs always come along and ruin it. A Canadian couple found this person’s lost camera during their vacation in Hawaii. They taught their nine year-old son that the proper thing to do was report it so that they might return the camera to its rightful owner. Then they taught him that if you would actually prefer to keep whatever you found, that’s alright too.

Granted, it’s a story on the Internet and you never know for sure, but if this is true… What is wrong with those people? Just keep the camera and pretend the universe was smiling on you for once. Don’t act like stealing it is actually deserved, and that the owner should be thankful for you swindling them.

Those people should be ashamed. The kid doesn’t have to worry about the diabetes nearly as much as the lack of humanity his parents are passing along to him.

P.S. Assuming all legal recourse fails, I’m all in favor of posting their information.

(Thanks to Geof Morris)

4 thoughts on “We were going to be decent people, but…”

  1. Wow. Just wow. It takes balls and then some to hand out your info, just so you can tell someone you found their property, but won’t return it. Or maybe just a complete lack of decency.

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