It’s been so long…

W00t! I am online once more. I do have to give Comcast props… at least their workers. All of the installers that I’ve dealt with have been really great. At the last apartment, the guy ripped out all of the old cable and ran new stuff from the street and neatly tacked down three new runs exactly where we wanted them. This time the guy actually showed up early (wow!), and was very quick to get us up and watching the Olympics – not that I kept that on very long.

Sadly, we were already surfing on the Internet before he could even get one of the TVs on. It was as though we hadn’t had a drop to drink for two weeks and just couldn’t wait any longer. LET THE INFORMATION FLOW! There’s just not enough e-mail and webpages to check to make up for the lack of connectivity we’ve suffered. Once the boxes were up and running, I think we just left the TVs on for no reason other than to feel like a part of the world again.

The biggest surprise of the day was checking out the DVR. I left it hooked up at the old apartment for at least a week after we had moved out to try to narrow the gap of missed shows. I was completely oblivious to the fact that Arrested Development bid farewell with the final 4 episodes being shown in succession! I can only hope that Showtime picks it up, but at least I can feel satisfied with the way it ended for now.

I’ve got lots more to share, but for now just rest assured that my life is returning to normal. Oh yeah, and radiators work much better when you open the input valves…

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