Slaps forehead

When I moved over to this new domain at the end of December, I left at least one bit of “hacking” undone. All of the old content at continues to receive all traffic from links, searches, etc. even though it’s been moved over here. I knew this would be a fairly simple .htaccess trick to pull off, but not until today did I bother to actually do any research.

Thanks to John (of My Life in Photographs), I was able to take care of this in a timely manner. First I backed up the old .htaccess file. Then I created a new one and added this line:

Redirect /blog/

Sure enough, going to works just as before, but once you click on any of the posts *WHOOSH* you are magically transported over to said post on this domain. Wanting to go one step forward and hopefully make the search engines realize the error of their way – I then added the “permanent” directive into the line”

Redirect permanent /blog/

Someday I will want to create a new site at ye olde domain, and I don’t want all of the traffic to turn out to be the unwashed masses legions of my adoring fans that haven’t figured out how to access this site directly. And eventually when people want to find out who hates Macs, they’ll still know that I’m #4 in the world (which reminds me, I must write about about how much Google sucks if that stupid entry is the fourth result on that search – AND WHY THE HELL DIDN’T AN ANTI-MAC POST BRING ME LOADS OF TRAFFIC!).

Next task for this site will be to clean up errors in old entries due to plugins (namely LZIL, which means I need to determine if I’ll keep using that nifty photo plugin or switch to another).