Too many links

For starters, I’m still trying to catch up with a couple months of disorganized RSS feeds with my aggregator. The problem lies in figuring out which feeds I really find interesting or useful. At least I have my regulars segregated so that I can keep reading them on a daily basis. I really think I’m at the point that I have to delete all of the old items and just start reading as though I’m new to these sites.

In the meantime, I’m finally making my way through Kottke‘s Best of 2005 Lists. While there are some real gems involving the unexplainable, the amusing, the intriguing, and the amusingly intriguing. Unfortunately, it’s also filled with lots of disinteresting articles, poorly reasoned/researched essays, and the same egomaniacal speech every Mac fan seemed to drool over. I understand that not everybody is going to enjoy the same material, but there’s a lot of links there to go through and some of them I just make me wonder how lame 2005 was if they were “the best.”

P.S. Don’t take this to be a dis on Jason – I’ve actually just shifted his blog into my frequent reads because I realized how much I miss out on by not keeping up regularly.

One thought on “Too many links”

  1. “13 things that do not make sense” was awesome. I love reading up about things like that. I’ll have to check the rest out when I get home.

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