Enter year four

Crap. I was sure I would get my “blogiversary” right this year. It’s at the end of February – the 26th, to be exact. Not that difficult to remember. Of course, I kept forgetting what date I am currently living in, which is why I just noticed that today is the 27th. Yeehaw.

Anywho, it was three years ago (yesterday) that I wrote my first “real” entry on neverhood.net. Yeah, there’s that silly one back on January 14th, when I first re-installed b2 in an attempt to blog – but it wasn’t until the end of the following month that it became at least a semi-regular occurrence.

I’d like to say something more impressive after all these years, but I’m at work right now. And the only thing really on my mind is lunch (yes, I tend to eat lunch this late). So I’ll save the profundities for tonight.

If you happened to see it, please just ignore the fact that I originally called this entry “Enter year three” – I temporarily forgot how to count.

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