An act of civil pointlessness

What do you get when you cross a bunch of clueless, idealistic (is that redundant) 20-somethings, half a dozen cars, and some video cameras? This time you get a very misguided “demonstration” against speed limits. Oh sure, it sounds like a great idea – have 4 cars drive the speed limit side-by-side to illustrate the fact that it is set too low. But the premise that they were driving legally is completely bogus. Yes, they kept themselves at the speed limit, but they still refused to pass in the left lane and conspired to obstruct traffic.

This is not a group of people demonstrating against an unjust law – this is some college student pissed off because he got a speeding ticket.

Listen, I’m all for a restructuring of speed limits so that those outside of certain areas (such as school zones) properly reflect the 85th percentile rule. But an improperly-realized, hipster-wannabe protest film like this is not the way to do it. Especially when you start whining about how you had to pretend to be on your cell phone so that people wouldn’t be pissed! Great way to break even more laws and show that you can, indeed, drive both slow and recklessly.

I don’t know where this originated, but one of the dorks involved posted a comment on

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  1. That happened on I-285 in Atlanta, just FYI :-P. So it’s been going around my circle for a while.

  2. This is the problem… There is no such thing as obeying the law. Either they are speeding, or obstructing traffic. There is no winning now a days.

    Now granted, I learned to drive in Connecticut, but the interstate highway speed limits were 55. Driving below 45 was considered reckless and obstrcutive. So, theoretically, the right lane should be drivers doing ~45 mph, with the left lane for people going up to 55.

    I knew a few state troopers. They said the most fun tickets they got to issue were when they got the unmarked car. They would ride in the left lane at 55, and pull over people being obnoxious to them (i.e. flashing lights, honking, and then eventually passing on the right).

    Apparently, that was just fine.

  3. @ Malina – I was hoping you’d comment about the area. Fortunately I think these people were Georgia State, so I figured I could get away with making fun of them!

    @ Steve – As I’ve always said (at least in areas where they actually have passing lane laws), the speed limit doesn’t really apply to the left lane. That doesn’t mean that you can ignore the speed limit, it just means that it shouldn’t be the basis for whether or not you should be in it. If everybody else is doing 55, then you should be in the other lanes doing that, too.

    And as far as cops go, they are (unfortunately) allowed to break whatever traffic laws they feel like without accountability. That’s why I was given a ticket after my car was totaled by a cop that ran a stop sign and why I’ve seen many cops turn their sirens on just to run a red light or stop sign.

  4. Road trips with Eva’s mom are fun. 55 in the left lane for all 12 1/2 hours, with her yelling insults as people pass her on the right. Her dad may be a maniac behind the wheel, but at least we get there on time.

    I actually once flashed my highbeams at a car making a left through a red light – and then saw the shape of the light bar on tops of the car as he turned. It was late at night so I couldn’t make them out at first, but they were sure noticable once I flashed his car. Thankfully he didn’t feel the need to u-turn and give me a ticket, or a flashlight to the face.

  5. 285 is a 60 mile loop that circles around the Atlanta city limits. A capital beltway, if you will (hey, if PA can call their Harrisburgh bypass that then I can call the GA one that :-P). The main interstates (75 and 85) run through the city, but there is some sort of rule that doesn’t allow big tractor trailors to go through the city unless they’re making a delivery in the city, so they take the bypass. It’s just as traffic-y as the intown interstate, though. In fact, it might even be worse at rush hour.

    Not sure what else you want to know about it. Georgia drivers are fast. And far from the Atlanta city-limits the speed limit is sometimes as high as 70 (I think). So 55 is pretty rough for them. Not that I agree with their methods, but these kids have a point. Of course, they’re not trying to make their point as much as they’re trying to get discovered for their cinematic stylings (I’m guessing).

    And feel free to make fun of Georgia State as much as you want. It’s pracically a community college. The smart kids in Georgia either attend Tech or leave the state. You can also make fun of the University of Georgia as much as you want. Up in those parts they fear that mad cow disease may be sexually transmitted (can you sense the rivalry?).

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