Firefox gone bad?

I just wrote a post. Well, almost. About three or four paragraphs in, I wanted to check something in another tab. BAM – Firefox decides to stop responding. Oh yeah, it freezes up spectacularly. There’s absolutely no indication why, and it just keeps beeping everytime I try to click on anything. So much for that post.

Firefox has been getting worse and worse lately. It’s using too much memory and not unloading tabs even after they are closed. It freezes at the worst possible times, and crashes almost randomly. I just uninstalled all of my extensions, but what’s the point of an extensible browser if you can’t actually install any plugins?

I’m not giving up just yet, but I’m getting pretty sick of this. I’m beginning to regret recommending people to switch lately. Maybe it’s time to give some other alternatives a try.

4 thoughts on “Firefox gone bad?”

  1. Have to agree with you there. FF 1.5 is a leaky monster. I got around it somewhat by doubling my RAM to 2GB but by the end of the day all that RAM is used.

    I hope they sort out these problems some day.

  2. Please go and patch to the newest version. I had the same problems with 1.5 – but the works like a charm.

    Also upgrading some extensions helps. Or removing them altogether.

  3. Actually, I am running I think it is the extensions. I removed all of them and have only re-added the ones I can’t do without (Adblock,, ForecastFox, etc.). It seems to be doing a little better, so we’ll see.

    Every so often, though, I just need to remind myself that overzealous advocacy is a bad thing. It took me a good year of constant bugginess and crashes to finally admit when Netscape sucked and IE was better (how long ago was that?). I don’t want to become complacent with Firefox if it really goes downhill.

  4. I always have issues with Firefox not keeping my cookies. I am a mod on a messageboard where I actually want it to keep the cookie that accurately marks which post I’ve already read, since I don’t want to go back and read every whackjob’s posts over and over again.

    It’s to the point where I exclusively use IE now, because it’s the only one that keeps everything properly.

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