Juggling fool

Back in college, one of my roommates wanted to learn how to juggle. I forget how it all started, but it eventually became a big thing among a group of us. I think I got into it simply to prove that my roommate was going about the process all wrong. Regardless, a number of us were regularly juggling in the hallways of our dorm and trying (and failing) all sorts of fancy tricks.

We got to the point that everybody was picking up their own set of juggling balls (trust me, they are a lot nicer than simply using tennis balls) and looking through catalogs of other items for throwing into the air and then catching. Humorously there was another group of kids on campus that got into yo-yoing around the same time. There were jokes about a rivalry between us… but I think I’ve already admitted too much geekness in my past.

Anywho, it’s not like I was about to give up college or anything, but I certainly became a better juggler than the average person. Lo these many years later, I still have the same set of balls (there’s just no good way to phrase that) and am still likely to pick up objects of all sorts of shapes and sizes to see how well I can juggle with them.

Why am I writing about this? Because right here and right now, I want to be this guy.

(Orginal link thanks to Tim at O’Reilly Radar)

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