Through the looking glass

For those of you who shoot with Canon SLRs, you know that “L” glass lenses are the shiznit. Seriously, they’re the kind that everybody drools over while wishing with all of your might that the price tag will just magically disappear – or at least move the decimal over to the left a little. In other words, the quality is top notch, but you might just need to take out a second mortgage to get one. Kind of like when I go into a camera shop and they let me try out a 20D (or 30D these days). Yeah, I want it, but I also want to eat.

That’s where Rentglass comes in. This company is actually renting out high quality lenses for decent money on a weekly basis. So far they only have Canon, but Nikon is around the corner. The worry of having to take care of someone else’s lens definitely makes me think twice about this, but imagine being able to head out to Hawaii for my honeymoon (still not definite, by the way) with a stunning wide-angle and a killer macro in tow for about 50 bucks a week. And I’m sure I could find some reason to spend $45 for a week with this beauty (and a friend).

It seems to be a growing business that’s trying to take it slowly and make sure their model will work. Here’s hoping that I get a chance to try it out!

(thanks to Matt Haughey)