What the hell was that?

Alrighty, listen up, I’m not about to freak out because it‘s snowing snowed in April. I’ve seen weird and wacky weather enough the past few years to get over that. But the manner in which the precipitation transpired this morning was just WAY over the top.

When I first got up, I rushed to take the garbage down to the street. I didn’t even need a jacket. It was beautiful and sunny out. Yeehaw! As I hopped into the shower I noticed it was getting a little grey outside – darn, looks like we’ll get that rain afterall. By the time I got out of the shower (TADA!) it was snowing. That sucks, but not too much. So I (not so) quickly gather everything for work and get ready to leave. WHERE THE HELL DID THE HAMSTER-SIZED SNOWFLAKES COME FROM?!?! Seriously, my car was coated with a not-so thin layer in about 2 minutes flat. Suddenly we’re checking the weather channel to figure out if it’s even safe for me to leave.


Finally I decide I can’t just sit around and leave even later in hopes that the blizzard subsides. There’s probable a quarter inch on the ground, and I want to get out before the roads get bad. The drive isn’t that bad. After about 15 minutes, it’s barely snowing. Five minutes later, I don’t see any flakes. I pull into work, and my car is the only one with snow on it.

And I repeat: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!

One thought on “What the hell was that?”

  1. Yea, what you said.
    I got here, and it was fine. A bunch of us get breakfast, and then after we get back someone says “hey look, it’s snowing.” I thought he was joking. Shortly thereafter, no snow.

    Right now? 33 degrees and snowing. Tomorrow? High of 57, partly cloudy.

    Eva “April fooled” me by saying we were getting snow this weekend. That girl sure does take her pranks seriously… :p

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