The political “Oh Snap” for the evening

Me: That’s right, the presidential express – I mean presidential address – was on tonight… The presidential express, not to be confused with the Starlight Express.

Lisa: Which also bombed.

2 thoughts on “The political “Oh Snap” for the evening”

  1. the presidential express … was on tonight
    Was it just like the previous ones? I swear they’re all the same these days.

    [cliche opening lines]
    [current issue dragging down Bush’s approval rating]
    [everything has changed since 9/11]
    [preserving democracy and [issue dragging down poll numbers] is hard work but we will persevere]
    [good night and God Bless]

  2. how much longer is this man-child the commander-in-chief? someone needs to set up a simple microsite with a countdown timer, STAT.

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