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I need to send a shout out to the wonderful folks at Whole Foods. I’ve been a big fan of the WF since we moved to Montclair and found one 2 minutes away from us. Sure, it can be a little pricey – but you get what you pay for. And at Whole Foods I pay for quality food and service. I am counting the moments until the mammoth Super Whole Foods is opened up in West Orange – practically across the street from us. I swear, our house will DOUBLE in value the instant the “Grand Opening” sign goes up (ok, not double, but it should be worth a few thousand dollars more).

So, why am I mentioning this store now? Monday night I went in looking for hydrangea and cornsilk extracts for Jessie. We found a couple websites that recommended using them in a tincture to help break down his stone. Since he’s still in pain (although we think there was a bit of a breakthrough last night), I’m desperate for anything to complement the Baytril and cranberry juice I force on him twice a day. Anywho, back to Whole Foods…

While wandering around the “Whole Body” aisle, one of the employees asked me if he could help. We got into a very nice discussion about what I was trying to do and, even though it was for a Guinea Pig, the guy searched for options high and low, called another store, and eventually decided to place a special order for what I needed. Hopefully I’ll receive a call today to let me know it has arrived. But it’s impressive that, in this current world of crappy customer support, I’ve always dealt with such willing and abled employees at a store that also offers really good food.

I used to be a major bargain shopper. My finances these days still dictate that I have to at least keep my spending in check. But I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s worth the money to support a better product and better store. Which reminds me, I really need to get an account with Costco.

3 thoughts on “Whole Foods”

  1. Neat… I’ve never spent any extensive time in there, but I want to. I’m addicted to my Trader Joe’s though.

    Would actual hydrangea plants work for the little piggie? We have one in our front yard and I could clip some if that would work too.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I’m worried to try too much beyond the advice I’ve gotten from other sites. It might work, but I’m really not sure what part he needs – plus he’s being a big pain in the ass right now about eating what we want him to.

    And since you’re so close to a Trader Joe’s, I’m not surprised you don’t hit Whole Foods much. I wish I had both.

  3. I live in Montclair and have been to the new whole foods. It makes the Montclair store look like a bathroom compared to it. Go try it, it haas every type of baur you can magine

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