What’s up on the Interweb?

I’ve been holding back on a ton of links as if some special Link Day were going to come along and save me. Anywho, it’s time for me to clear out some of the crap I keep losing in tabs these days:

– I really want to renovate my basement as a bar/entertainment area. Somehow, I think this home theater is a bit beyond my abilities.

– It really bugs me that many moderates and liberals consider McCain to be a good candidate – he continues to demonstrate he will never stand against what is wrong.

– On a lighter note, I really wish I had seen this practical joke.

Thomas Hawk may just be my new hero. He’s also a pretty damned good photographer.

This game looks like fun! (Thanks to defective yeti)

This is just amazing.

Now I feel bad – I forgot the sources for most of those links. Oh well, enjoy them anyway. There may even be some more when I get back from the City tonight.

3 thoughts on “What’s up on the Interweb?”

  1. I really, really, wanted to like McCain… but he finally said someting that was so incredibly sheep-like that I just gave up right then and there. I’m not looking forward to the possibility of a McCain – Hillary election, either.

  2. about that street-sign prank — if you haven’t seen The Day the Earth Stood still, yet, i suggest you remedy that. it’s simply wonderful.

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