It’s a beautiful day

The sun has finally broken out completely, and the winds aren’t too chilly. After mowing my lawn this morning, I decided to take the piggies out for a little romp out front. Jessie’s on his last legs, so I’m desperate for anything that might give him a boost. While they haven’t been bounding with energy, the little goobers have found a nice patch to cozy up together and munch on some grass and dandelions.

There really isn’t much hope for recovery. His eyes have been slowly closing. He keeps his head down towards the ground. He’s not really eating much of anything anymore. I’m sure we’ll have to make the call soon – I’ve been debating about it most of today – but I just want to give him as much of a fighting chance as possible. At least Shadow’s been trying to be as good of a companion as Jessie was to Teddy at the end. We’re worried about that little bugger, too. He squeaks more and more whenever we take Jessie from the cage.

I already miss him, and he’s sitting right in front of me.