Mean girls suck

I am currently watching Mean Girls. This wouldn’t be so embarassing, except that it’s like the tenth time I’ve seen it. It’s like totally bad candy that’s rotting my teeth, and not even all that good tasting, but I don’t care because, well, Lindsay’s slamming. There are some really funny moments, and some realistic high school things, but overall it’s just… awkwardly humorous? At least for someone of my advanced years.

The one thing that really bothers me about the film is the two hot chicks making out… wait… no… that’s definitely not what bothers me. At least, not in the traditional sense. In a word, it’s Rachelmcadams. She looks cute in other films (at least the trailers I’ve seen), but give me a freakin’ break. The woman is my age, and she’s playing alongside girls a decade younger. AND IT SHOWS!!! Please, it’s bad enough when you fill a high school with 30 year-old actors *COUGH*90210*COUGH*, but when only one of them is significantly older… that’s just kinda sad.