Getting my game on

Oh, I definitely “got my game on” yesterday – got it right on my thumb indeed. I don’t think that sentence started out very cool, but it definitely lost whatever meager “cool points” it had once I used that dash.

Lisa and I are both trying to “get back in shape” before the wedding. It’s not like we’re two grotesque blobs of shapeless fat, but neither of us are going to be mistaken for people who have been to the gym in the last few years, either. With her yoga background, Lisa’s far better off than me doing all that stretching and stuff – I’m done 10 minutes into an hour session. And that’s on a “limber” day – yes, I’m feeling quite generous with the quotes and dashes today.

Instead I’ve been bangin’ around the rock at work. No, not the crack cocaine – BASKETBALL! It’s always been my favorite sport to play, regardless of my inability to shoot consistently. But after numerous free throw contests, we decided to play something that would actually require us to move for some reason other than the ball was rolling down the hill into the swamps that surround our facility. Okay, we did play a couple games of elimination (everybody takes a turn at the free throw line – if you miss it, you have to try to make a layup before the next person makes their free throw or you are eliminated) that resulted in Edmond tackling me, but there was still no defense. Yesterday we upped the ante by playing 21.

An hour and a half of that and I am a bruised and battered man. Who would have thought that years of inactivity would result in difficulty with even the most basic of physical efforts? It wouldn’t be so bad if I had won a game, but my shooting managed to stall everytime I broke 15 points. And once my left thumb moved into a position it clearly wasn’t meant for, nothing I put up was going to drop through that thoroughly unforgiving rim.

Today I’ll have to tape it up – which will make it look really cool as I get to brag about my b’ball injury. It also means that I must learn to live as cows do – without opposable thumbs. How will I ever use the space bar again?!?! Considering the gash I got last Saturday helping Mark with some demo work in his place, I should be forced to hunt and peak with my nose pretty soon.

Back to the geek’s like for me…