Zooom, zooom, zooom

I’m giving Zooomr a try. Flickr is still cool and all, but I’ve never been a big user, and probably never will. Once I have the time to really sort through my photography, I want it on my own site. But for quick sharing, it’s time I try to use one of these sites at least somewhat regularly. Besides, they are giving away free pro accounts to bloggers.

Late self-portraitLate self-portraitHosted on Zooomr

I was thinking of doing a new self-portrait to start off the new account, something to contrast with the series I posted earlier, but with my updated, clean-shaven look. Unfortunately, I’ve been so lazy with photographs lately that I knew I wouldn’t get around to it. So, instead, this is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of myself. The quality isn’t great, the lighting is terrible, the framing is off, but it managed to capture a rather silly moment of early exploration with my first digital camera.

Update: Holy cow, that was fast. It took a matter of seconds from posting this entry and submitting it to their prioritizer for Zooomr to upgrade my account to pro. I’m not sure what the benefits are, but I’ll certainly give it a try.

Update: According to the e-mail from them: “Zooomr Pro will allow you to upload 2GB of photos every month with unlimited storage!” So that answers that question.

3 thoughts on “Zooom, zooom, zooom”

  1. Hey Thom. Thanks for checking out Zooomr. Love the Zooom Zooom Zooom headline. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you think there are features we should add or ways to improve.



  2. Tom,

    Thanks for dropping by. I like the feeling that I can communicate with the “company” for real. It also helps that you’ve been a big fan of flickr and continue to use both services. Too many people jump from one cool technology to the next and become way too evangelistic for each one along the way.

    P.S. I really do admire your photography.

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