Inauspicious beginnings

Saturday marked the begining of my final week as a single man. So I proceeded to get trashed beyond belief at a friend’s party – in front of Lisa. Ugh. There’s a number of reasons why I don’t drink like that. It’s not just the crappy feeling afterward, but also that fear of how stupid you might have been coupled with the fact that you forget half of the night hanging out with friends. Sure, I vaguely remember an impassioned rendition of “Brickhouse” and some incoherent scribblings during some bizarre game, but I kind of miss the real interaction amongst friends. Maybe that should count as a bachelor party?

Lisa was an angel, and was far more concerned about my well being that my stupidity. But I reminded her that as frequently as I drink, there’s been maybe 1 or 2 other occasions since we’ve been together that were even close to this (actually, I can’t remember anything that bad in at least 4 years). Regardless, there’s a reason that beer remains my truest friend – he never hurts me.

In case you couldn’t guess, this left my Sunday in a lazy haze of resting and settling my stomach. That killed just about an entire day of doing almost anything for the wedding or the house. But by that night I was doing just fine and ready to take on the world. Which meant, of course, that the world had to come up with something new to throw at me.

That’s when I decided to leave early for work Monday morning. And turning the car keys rendered a rather pathetic attempt to turnover anything. Several attempts later and I realized that my hopes to get an early start on the week had been trashed like my bruised and battered liver. Lisa was kind enought to offer to drive me in, but my car was blocking hers and the slope of the driveway is such that any attempt to push my car would have resulted in my legs being crushed. And then I’d need all new tux measurements…

Geico’s roadside assistance is very friendly and helpful, but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes 90 minutes to get a tow truck there. Fortunately we were able to jump the car, and he assured me it was just the battery. At the Sears Auto place, I again met new a nd friendly employees, and the guy got my car done (with the cheapest batteyr available – hey, you try to afford the gold-level one with your wedding at the end of the week) while I waited. Oh joy, I’m so glad I got into my car before 9am so that I could get to work after 12. That’s one hell of a commute.

At least yesterday I got a pick-me-up as my co-workers threw me a surprise wedding party thingie at work. They even invited Lisa! Yeah, my company rocks. And now the rest of the week looks like a little smoother sailing. Unfortunately, I hate water…

4 thoughts on “Inauspicious beginnings”

  1. Is it just me, or do you run into more car-battery-related problems than anyone else on the planet? 🙂

  2. Let me say that your rendition of “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” had me laughing from the bathroom, because I could hear the music start, and you started like a second too late, and there was something highly comical about it. But it was definitely a fun night, though I was shocked at how tired I was by 11. It felt like 3 am.

    It was the evil/tasty rum punch, wasn’t it?

  3. @Markus – You may be right. For a while I had no fear of the electricity coming out of those batteries because I was so used to jumping my car. At the very least, it’s a pleasant surprise to see how much better my car runs with a new battery when you get so used to it running like sh*t.

    @mizerychik – There was rum in that punch?!?! Seriously, that song is killer to do in karaoke because once you try to read the lyrics vs. just sing them from memory you’re dead. I was sure I could do at least the first half of the song and then stumble through the rest, but as soon as I looked at the screen for a cue I couldn’t catch up in my mind. And I honestly had no clue what time it was by the end of the night.

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