The other side of the lens

Last week, Lisa and I spent a couple hours with one of our wedding photographers in Hoboken for a “pre-engagement shoot”. It’s a way of getting some professionally shot casual photos as well as getting to know the only people who get to boss you around on your wedding day. Most importantly, it was a ton of fun:

DSCF1893e-mailbwartDSCF1893e-mailbwart Hosted on Zooomr

The strangest part of the evening, however, was simply not being the one taking the photos. Since I bought my Canon Powershot A40 back in 2002 and subsequently the Digital Rebel in 2004, I’ve pretty much always been the guy with the camera. While I’ve been lax of late, it’s still typically a surprise for people to see me at events, parties, raids, etc. with empty hands. And while more and more people feel they should be kind and offer to take a picture of me, those handful of shots can’t compete with the tens of thousands I’ve taken of other people, places, animals, stop signs, rocks and other boring items.

Sitting for a real photographer was pretty enlightening as far as learning the process of dealing with us irritating human beings. Autumn was great, and I’m sure I’ll be recommending her and Craig (Pittelli Photography) once we can show off what they do for us on Saturday. Personally I’ve yet again felt the push that I need to do more with my own photography. As much fun as the nature stuff and random city scenes can be, I’d really love to try some photo shoots. So while this is obviously out until we’re back and settled from the honeymoon, I’m just gonna throw the idea out there that if any of my friends are interested in free, amateurish photos of you, I’d love to get together and have some fun experimenting with my camera in a photo shoot atmosphere. Obviously we’re not talking studio stuff here, but that’s boring anyway ;).

In the meantime, you can get a sampling of the 200 photos she took the other night in my Pre-Wedding set on Zooomr.

5 thoughts on “The other side of the lens”

  1. Love that shot!

    And I’d love to have you do some shots of Caitie and Gwynn together. My cameras just isn’t quick enough to get the good shots. And I have a terrible time setting up lighting.

  2. I wanted to tell you how much fun I had seeing you guys on Saturday. Lisa is *SUCH* a doll! Not that I have to tell you this, but you were really lucky to find her!

    And if you happen to do a photoshoot while I’m in town I would be happy to participate. I’m a ham and the camera loves me 😛 (well, the ham part is true at least).

  3. Dude, is Autumn Chinese? Cause if she is, chances are I know her boyfriend Erik (who is a friend of a friend), ha, that would be funny :). Six degrees and all that jazz.

    Nice pics!

  4. Thom,
    If you want you can take picture of Jason, Paige and I on Saturday, October 28, 2006. A few years ago I started taking pictures of Jason and I on our Anniversary. Then when Paige was born she was added in. It’s me taking pictures with a self timer, so if you would like to do it this year that would be great.

  5. That would be great. And since you’re really good with setting up shots, I’m sure you could give me a lot of pointers. Send me an e-mail about where you’d like to do it, and I’ll make sure I’m free.

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