The one about the blog

A blog that once existed but no longer does used the phrase “The one about” to title every post. It was somewhat clever, if not just a tad limiting. I feel it’s time to start ripping off that blog that no longer exists because a) he’s not likely to care since he’s no longer doing it and b) the next few posts will probably be big summary affairs.

I hate when I find myself staring at a site that has offered up fewer updates for months and think about all of the things I wanted to post. It makes me feel like a lazy ass. And when I feel like one, I just sit on the couch and stare at the static on our TV and dream of what it must be like not to be a lazy ass. Oh, dare I dream such a lofty life?

This may very well be the dumbest post I’ve ever bothered to write, but it’s meant to kick me in the behind (I’m running out of synonyms for buttocks these days) and force me to go through all of the topics that have been cloggin’ my noggin these days (yes, I did just write that with a pathetic smirk on my face – and no, the spell check does not like the word cloggin’).

For now, I’m just going to head home to grab my camera and Lisa’s guitar so that I can meet up with her for a rare OpenMic appearance tonight. Hey, maybe I should write about that?