The immutable law of poop

No matter how uncomfortable those hard ones are, the messy ones are the worst. Yes, I am talking about my guinea pig. Specifically I’m talking about the second load of you-know-what that I’ve had to remove from you-know-where in two weeks. Being soft certainly made removal easier, but the smell… for the love of all that is holy… the smell! How can such a little critter produce such a foul odor? He’s so tiny, but his tush packs a mighty punch… (the new built-in spellcheck for Firefox 2.0 just told me I should use tush over tushy – it also told me that spell check is two words)

Alrighty, enough of this crap (pun intended). I need to talk about movies or football or something like that…

One thought on “The immutable law of poop”

  1. So are you going to have to help him with all his pooping from now on? If so, BUMMER (pun intended).

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