Too geeky for me

I swung by Best Buy yesterday for my weekly what-newly-released-CDs-are-under-ten-bucks trip to find a growing campsite out front. I was briefly perplexed by the number of homeless people who would choose that area for bedding down when I remembered just how stupid people (read: boys in their twenties) can be. OMFG!! The PS3 is coming out!!1!!1 LOLOLOL!!! And some geeks just can’t get it fast enough. I guess I should give these guys some credit – perhaps they are planning to turn around and sell it on ebay with an exorbitant markup. For that I would salute them. Otherwise they just deserve ridicule and possibly even BB pellets.

At this point it’s not the price or the unwieldy waiting list that will keep me away from the PS3. Rather it’s the sheer evilness of Sony. I truly hope they go out of business. And since I’m trying to stick with convictions these days (I’m still not paying for TV!), I’m avoiding as many Sony products as I can (okay, I do get their blank DVDs when on sale). And don’t try that “but they lose money on every PS3 they sell” crap on me – hey morons, they lose even more money when that PS3 just sits on a shelf in GameStop collecting dust.

Maybe someday when our finances are more in order I’ll take a look at upgrading to an XBOX 360 or Nintendo WHEEEEEEE! But for now I’ll just say no, and keep playing my YARGH! pirated PS2 games.

4 thoughts on “Too geeky for me”

  1. The big upsides of the PS3 are the blu-ray playability and free online access. Which mean nothing to someone like me, who doesn’t plan on replacing 400 movies right now, and doesn’t go online to play since he doesn’t know anyone with a PS3.

    If it brings you some small sadistic joy, every review of the PS3 I’ve seen so far has been meh at best (what’s their launch title again?) and Sony is projected to lose a huge amount of money due to lack of sales.

    Once John gets his Wii, I’ll let you know how it is. But considering the controller attachments include a nunchuck – and given the way we swing normal controllers around – how can that not be great?

    I’ll probably get a 360 once the price drops again, and I have the whole house/wedding/honeymoon trilogy paid off.

  2. The BB gun incident was funny, but that’s pretty awful. Then again, that does really fall under the whole “don’t put yourself in bad situations” heading. I’m not saying they deserved it, but how safe can you really feel camping in front of a closed store at 3 AM?

    The more I think about the Wii, the more I think I really want one. I think Nintendo could really be revolutionizing games right now, and that looks like a lot more fun than SSX Tricky to the Freakin’ Max Vol. 10 (not that I wouldn’t buy that game, too). Considering I just handed my credit card over to the heating guys and asked to be beaten severely, none of this matters until next year, anyway.

    Unless we do get that home equity loan and I can convince Lisa that this falls under “home improvement”.

  3. I am planning on getting the Wii at some point. My younger cousin was trying to convince me we should go camp out at a Best Buy and buy some PS3s and sell them at way higher prices on ebay. While making silly amounts of money off saps sounds like a good time, I politely declined.

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