Happy… er… 4th of January!

So I had last week off and became so lazy that I didn’t even bother updating this site – which is probably the one thing I most wanted to do. I had grandiose ideas to do the redesign I’ve been promising myself for the last year and a half and, instead, split my time between work (yes, even during my “time off”) and watching bad movies (oh Dracula 2000 – you had such promise!). Alright, I did more than that – there was plenty of quality time with my family (and Lisa’s) as well as a wonderful dinner to commemorate another year in the life of my blushing bride (if you have yet to eat at The Dining Room at Anthony David’s, you are seriously missing out).

New Year’s Eve was a low-keyed, night at home. We counted down to midnight with Dick Clark and were in bed shortly after. I attempted to text message people a “Happy New Year”, but either Verizon’s network or my own technical ineptness presented me with multiple error messages. A couple replies let me know some of it went through – so if you got a message from em, cool, otherwise assume that I tried to send you one…

So far 2007 has brought us renewed attempts at healthy living and home renovation. Four days in I’m working on my first cleanse (thanks to a cleansing kit actually dubbed such) and we’re both taking our vitamins and exercising regularly. If we can make it through 2 weeks, I think it’ll be a success. The home renovation requires some pictures (as usual – to follow), but those of you who have been subjected to my tours of the house have heard my plans to turn the double closet in the office into a built-in bookcase. It looks like that might just be a reality. Oh the possibilities a new set of 365 days brings us…

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  1. May I suggest getting to the Container store and investing in their Elfa shelving, which is on sale this month. It is the bomb and really easy to install, as long as you’ve got a ladder and a level and a drill and electric screwdriver. We spent New Year’s Eve installing a new master closet and we are so happy with it.

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