Lily Anne

Yes, I am totally cheating. This post is finally going up 4 days after I intended it to. But I’m backdating it. Why? Because I can, and because it’s the only way I’ll ever remember when my nieces and nephews were born. To emphasize my lameness, the photo in this post isn’t even one I took – I didn’t even bring my camera into the hospital. So, without further ado, here’s the post (and remember, pretend you’re reading this on Saturday, January 6th):

The next generation of Slatterys continues to grow. This time we can blame my sister Laura and here hubby Carlos for adding to the growing number of grandkids with my 3rd niece, Lily Anne Rivera. She was born yesterday (keep playing along, that would be January 5th) just a couple miles from her new home. To emphasize the confusing Irish/Hispanic name combination, this child is somewhere between our pasty-white European lineage and the thick black haired look of her father. Now, bow down before her cuteness:

Paige inspects Lilly

She’s absolutely beautiful – which is awesome, because I hate ugly babies… I even held her, something our oldest sister Lisa would have tsked at since I never held any of hers when they were born. In my defense, I was in high school and clearly too cool for baby-holding.

7 thoughts on “Lily Anne”

  1. Aw, she’s really cute. When you called on Saturday, I thought she shared my birthday, but she’s the day before πŸ™‚

  2. She’s absolutely beautiful – which is awesome, because I hate ugly babies
    You better out-live me, because if not, I’m putting that on your tombstone. πŸ˜›

  3. Lily (like the flower – you can even check on Word)
    I bet you can spell the Hayden’s names!
    Wait until you see her next time – she’s darker than mommy now.

  4. mizerychick – I forgot it was your b-day, now I’m doubley bummed that we couldn’t make it out.

    Markus – Well, with your attempts to take me out with your condo o’ doom failing, I just might make it.

    Laura – Crap. I was so intent on making sure I got the “e” in Anne that I botched the first name. And to be honest, I always forget if Conner has an “e” or an “o” in it.

  5. Since you messed up Connor, I don’t feel so bad – just don’t tell dad since “or” is the Irish spelling.

  6. Congratulations Uncle Thom!

    How many nephews and nieces in all?

    My current count is 10 nephews, 4 nieces, 7 great nephews and 4 great nieces. Beat that!

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