Oh no, here it comes…

When I heard that Apple had officially announced the iPhone, all I could do was shudder. My assumption is that my feed reader is clogging up at this very moment with dozens of Macheads proclaiming how Steve Jobs has redefined the way we speaking into tiny plastic boxes at inconvenient times. There are, no doubt, countless reviews proclaiming the sheer genius of its design based upon a couple of graphics (which, IMHO, make it look somewhat awkward). It’s days like these that I consider abandoning the “blogosphere” for deeper waters.

At the very least, this may very well help me start working on my new theory that Wikipedia, while amusing at times, is only truly useful for settling bar bets amongst geeks. My first bit of evidence will be to note that the entry for this one day old gadget called the iPhone is already longer than that of the 7000 year old invention known as the wheel.

One thought on “Oh no, here it comes…”

  1. Yeah, but does a wheel come with a QWERTY keyboard or play MPEG-4 videos 😉 Is it bad that my first thought on seeing the ipod part of the demo was, “Oh bullshit. Nobody listens to How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.”

    It’s a cute phone, and cute is what Apple does best. It’s also expensive as fuck, probably easily breakable (see: the G4 cube) and not something I’d ever buy. I just don’t need to be that connected to anything.

    See also:
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    Okay, that list has me giggling uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Wikiality is great.

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