Upon receiving an e-mail with the above subject line I was very intrigued. My initial hope was that the first line of the message would include the words “of bacon”. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with winning over 478 tons of bacon? Well, I guess my wife. And there would be the whole logistic problem of where to keep so much glorious meat. I really don’t think my current deep freezer would do. Most likely I would need to sell a lot of it – but that would still leave me with plenty of that magical, tasty strip that makes every food better once its greasy goodness is wrapped around.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win a lifetime supply of bacon. But with so many other possibilities I was certain to come out on top. Chocolate? Cheese? Steak? Chick-fil-A nuggets? I guess I would have even taken gold. Sadly none of my dreams were to come true. I had simply won British pounds – is that even legal tender? What a useless prize. Still, I’m sure they have some enough value to someone. I’ll check what I can sell them for on ebay. In the meantime, I better send my bank account information and social security numbers to the multiple e-mail addresses included in the message – I’m sure one of them will know how to transfer everything to me properly…

P.S. My personal favorite spam subject of late was a message with the heading “incondensable with swear”. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’m thinking it might make for a keen new subheading for ye olde blogge.

3 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS…………………YOU HAVE WON 956,420 POUNDS!!!”

  1. @mizery – I didn’t even think of submitting it, although I did think of that site right away.

    @ Jess – Now that’s what I would call a party!

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