The highs and lows of Lost

A commercial comes on the TV reminding us that Lost is actually going to be on tonight. It would be pretty easy to forget at this point, normally we get one new episode a month. But that one commercial can provide such emotional drama:

Commercial: Tonight on Lost…
Lisa: Oh yeah, that’s right.
Commercial: …an encore presentation of last week’s episode…
Lisa: What the hell? They said 16 new episodes with no repeats.
Commercial: …followed by an all new episode.
Lisa: Oh.

Things will be okay as long as I keep threatening to stop watching if they screw up. I said I’d stop if someone didn’t get shot back in December – sure enough, Sun finally shot an “Other”. Last week I said I was giving up if the show ended with Ben being saved and Kate, Sawyer, and Jack still locked up – sure enough, that’s not how it went. I sure don’t want the show to end up like Prison Break, which I’m only watching these days out of spite. Trust me, season 3 will not even be worthy of a download.

4 thoughts on “The highs and lows of Lost”

  1. Speaking of PB, do you have the last two episodes in October? We’re still missing them and if we don’t get caught up soon I’m afraid we never will.

    Though if the show is as bad as you’ve said, I’ll only be watching for the eye candy.

  2. This why I hate my viewing habits.

    I see these shows on TV, but I don’t get into watching them.
    Then, people talk about how great it is, but I don’t want to start watching half-way through a season.
    Then I get ready to start watching a new season, and people talk about how crappy the show is now.

    Actually, that sounds like the way I started collecting Gen13 – just in time for the OMG SPACE AND TIME TRAVEL!!!11 issues.

  3. Yes, I have all of the Prison Break if you need it. And I’m not going to tell you to avoid it because I’m curious what you think about it. Especially when the first person in the world not to recognize the escaped cons is a postal worker… And last night’s episode was awesome. I was looking forward to lots of action, but instead we got the first great storyline episode in awhile.

    Mark, you should get into Lost now. I can give you all of the episodes you need. Getting involved late is great because you can watch episodes at your leisure, which let’s you get rid of the bad taste of the really lame ones quickly.

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